GigTalk: Talking Gigs with Gigwalkers

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At Gigwalk, we’re witnessing something pretty amazing—regular folks turning their iPhones into paychecks, and alleviating some of the stress that comes with challenging economic times. Instead of passively waiting for the economy to improve, ordinary people are using the free Gigwalk iPhone App, doing Gigs, and getting paid. Our mission is to create regular paychecks for all Gigwalkers. 

Our Gigwalk Community

At Gigwalk we are committed to fostering a strong sense of community. Today, we want to showcase three of our top Gigwalkers. Allow them to be your guides into the world of Gigwalking as they offer insightful tips, tricks, and strategies to becoming a successful Gigwalker.

The Gigwalk Wizard

Andrew is a medical device consultant from New York City with 4,100+ Streetcred and $2501 earned to date. He loves Gigs that allow him to discover new places in the New York area. Along with Jenzie, he created a website,, to educate fellow Gigwalkers.

The Gigwalk Bard

Ron is a Social media freelancer from Los Angeles, California who occasionally sells wine. With 3,300+ Streetcred and total earnings of $1027, he was introduced to Gigwalk through a family member.

The Gigwalk Traveler

Jenzie is an Event Planner who can be found performing Gigs anywhere in California between San Diego and San Francisco. With 2,000+ Streetcred, she has developed a distinct approach to Gigwalking.  The Gigs she does earn her rave reviews and extra Streetcred from Gigwalk customers.  She was even featured on Fox News for her Gigwalking prowess.

Let’s be honest. Our economy has been rocky over the past few years. Meaningful work, economic stability, and a decent paycheck are no longer guarantees. At Gigwalk, our mission is to provide those with a mobile phone and a can-do attitude with the opportunity to earn some extra cash by doing fun Gigs. Andrew, Ron, and Jenzie’s experiences are available to anyone who want to turn their iPhones into paychecks.


 I recently joined the Gigwalk team earlier this month as the Community Manager. Any questions or comments about this post can be directed towards my email,

 We want to give a special thanks to Carol for doing the interviews, and to Jenzie, Andrew, and Ron for sharing their personal views and stories.  

These interviews have been edited for time.

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