A Brand's Worst Nightmare…

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Product recalls are a brand’s worst nightmare. Loss of market share, falling stock price, and damaged brand reputation are just some of the effects. For retailers and manufacturers, the follow-on effects can be almost as dire. Business is interrupted. Consumer loyalty is eroded. Sales are lost.  Gigwalk has helped hundreds of brands audit retail locations and understands the importance of acting quickly when faced with this predicament.

Will you be ready for a recall? From food safety to defective products or mislabeled packaging, product recalls can range from life-threatening emergencies that impact the public health to corporate exercises in crisis management. Being prepared to handle a recall can make the difference between loyal customers whose safety remains assured, or long lasting damage to your brand reputation, potential lawsuits, and fines from government agencies.

Recalls are more common than people think. Since 1999 food and beverage recalls have tripled. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration has issued 59 food, drug and medical recalls in the past 2 months alone. The financial impact can be enormous. According to a white paper from Vigilistics, the economic impact of a single product recall from a Georgia peanut processing plant in 2010 was estimated to be more than $1 Billion US.

The government has provided detailed guidelines for handling product recalls, beginning with “first alert” problems reported by health departments, to notifying the public, and following up on product removal. Without good management of product recalls, defective or harmful products could remain on store shelves. And if that happens the consequences can include fines, lawsuits, harm to consumers, and the attendant bad press that’s sure to result.

To protect customers, brands and retailers need to work together to get recalled products off the shelf promptly.  Before the FDA checks for recall compliance, Gigwalk can assist with product removal, product replacement or replenishment, and do it swiftly, with a minimum disruption to daily business.


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