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Gigwalk Planogram Audit

Planogram compliance drives sales. Smooth integration between marketing, merchandising, and in-store operations are the hallmarks of successful retailers. When there’s a disconnect, retailers and suppliers are in danger of losing sales, facings, and share, ultimately leaving money on the table.

When it comes to planogram compliance, knowledge is power. Power to forecast, power to plan, and power to execute seasonal in-store promotions effectively. To make sure you can offer the right products at the right time, and in the right place, you must keep your finger on the pulse of sales. You must continually re-allocate shelf space based on how product promotion and consumer demand impact the shelf.

To do that requires that retailers conduct audits, communicate the results to the right department, and have the right tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

When Good Planograms Go Bad

Call it planogram drift. Following a reset, planogram compliance erodes. Your ability to plan diminishes. Your marketing loses its’ punch. Retailers no longer have visibility into shopper demand. As a result, time, money, and effort is wasted on restocking. Stores lose sales. It’s a surprisingly common problem. Retailers lack the resources to conduct planogram compliance audits following resets. According to RIS Research, nearly a third of all retailers lack exact planogram knowledge of over half their stores. And only one in 10 say they have compliance across 90% of their stores.

Communication, Collaboration, Information

Once you know what the problem is, how do you begin to solve it? Better communication between retailers and store operatives is a good place to start. Sharing accurate, up-to-date information can drive collaboration between retailers headquarters and store operatives, identifying problems on the shelf, and enabling teams to take immediate corrective action.

Gigwalk: Tools and Teams to Get the Job Done

With Gigwalk you get a single, go-to source that ensures planogram compliance through regular measurement, and immediate action. With Gigwalk, you get store level audits of pricing, shelf tags, facings and out of stocks, so you can ensure planogram compliance and make certain the right products are available to consumers. The information captured by Gigwalk can be shared by merchandising, marketing and operations, so you can see compliance and performance at a glance. With the data provided by Gigwalk, retailers and brands have instant insight into sales performance and planogram compliance, take immediate action, and adjust long-term planning accordingly.

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