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Eggcellent Easter Insights from our Gigwalkers

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This year we reached out to our amazing Gigwalkers to gather Easter insights and asked them to tell us a little about how they plan to prepare for the upcoming holiday. We also asked them to visit their local retail store to capture real-time data about current Easter promotions and the condition of the Easter displays. Read below for our Easter findings!

Who poaches the most Easter spenders?
Gigwalkers were asked to visit a superstore, grocery store or drug store to capture their data, with 36% visiting a superstore, 34% visiting a grocery store and 30% visiting a drug store. However, when asked where they usually do their Easter shopping, the majority (66%) of Gigwalkers stated they choose superstores.
The good news for brands and retailers is that 99% of the retail locations had Easter promotions displayed. The bad news? Almost 50% of the displays had a notable issue.

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Let’s fill those baskets. 
Our Gigwalkers Easter spend is $41.57 on average for candy and gifts, with 51% predicting they will spend more this year than they did last year. So, when is the primetime for Easter shopping? A surprising 62% say they wait until the week of or a few days before to do their Easter shopping. And, when they are ready to purchase, do they pay attention to prices and promotions? Yes, they do. 79% say they choose Easter products solely based on price and promotion.

The most important question of them all…

Easter Candy

What’s your favorite Easter candy?
It was a close race but Reese’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs came out on top with 29%, with Chocolate Bunnies/Chocolate Eggs in a close second (24%) and Cadburry Creme Eggs in third (21%). Other notable mentions were Jelly Beans (12%) and Peeps (8%).


Ensure flawless retail execution.
This Easter, let Gigwalk help make sure your retail execution is flawless. Gigwalk can help brands and retailers optimize their Easter trade spend by increasing visibility at the store level. Make sure pricing and promotions are displayed properly, see gaps and non-compliance, then close the loop with verifiable solutions. Keep sales rising this Easter holiday with Gigwalk!

Best Easter Display? 
Check out some of the great Easter displays sent in by our Gigwalkers!

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