Enhanced Gigwalk Workforce Gets Higher Paying Gigs

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Looking for higher skilled, higher paying gigs?  We’ve got ‘em! Now that Gigwalk provides a verifiable enhanced workforce with certifications and World Alliance for Retail Excellence and Standards course completions listed on worker profiles, we’ve partnered with Retail Integrity to post a whole host of new premium gigs that pay more money.

The retail service company is relying on Gigwalkers to perform professional work normally reserved for conventional merchandising outlets.  Gigwalkers will be doing complex jobs such as specialty retail audits and mystery shopping at United States Post offices.

Gigwalk’s technology takes into account a worker’s work preferences, past performance, and certifications/course completions when presenting personalized Gig opportunities in the app.  This data is all displayed on the workers profile.  Customers can view the profiles of those performing work on their Gigs allowing them to see the expertise that has been deployed to complete their job.

Mike Bynoe, chief executive officer at Retail Integrity commented, “We are really impressed with Gigwalk’s enhanced workforce.  Gigwalk’s solutions use industry certification and observed work history to choose who is offered particular Gigs resulting in consistent, high-quality results.  The high skill level and qualifications of the Gigwalk workforce coupled with the company’s technology mean they are capable of completing jobs much more efficiently than the traditional merchandising business model, which saves their customers time and money.”

As Gigwalkers continue to grow their profiles by adding new certifications and course completions they’ll find even more higher paying gigs opening up on the app.

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