Gigwalk and IRI Partner to Deliver New Level of Retail Intelligence

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IRI-loogGigwalk is proud to announce a new partnership with Information Resources, Inc. (IRI™), the global leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer, retail, media and over-the-counter health care companies. The joint integration combines the power of the IRI Liquid Data™ technology platform with insights from Gigwalk’s Mobile Crowdsourcing solution to form rich data sets CPG brands can use to support their retail strategy and in-store execution efforts. Now, IRI customers can get a real-time comprehensive view into retail execution to ensure that initiatives at the store level are being executed correctly and delivering maximum ROI for the business. They can also manage and deploy an on-demand workforce, our Gigwalkers, to collect data and intelligence, anytime, anywhere, and on any specific job or task.

Critical to the industry, this alliance will provide joint customers access to:

  • Enhanced Audit Services — including the option to conduct flash audits that can be executed within 48 hours.
  • Analytics Integration — measuring and optimizing brand lift by feeding Gigwalk retail execution data into the IRI Advantage Platform.
  • Consumer and Shopper Marketing Intelligence — providing the ability to conduct custom surveys, such as new-trier Surveys, mobile panels, etc.

As Andrew Appel, CEO of IRI, states “Obtaining immediate and actionable data is the key to understanding how your brand is faring at the retail level. Through our strategic alliance with Gigwalk, we’ll continue to provide the critical insight that leads to informed action and drives businesses forward. By joining forces, we will give our customers real-time visibility into their daily operations so they can derive maximum return from their retail marketing activities.”

Together the partnership is transformative, combining syndicated and crowdsourced data to give joint customers a comprehensive, real-time view into retail execution. Click here to read more about the announcement by AdvertisingAge.

To read the full press release, click here.

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