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We have some exciting news to share with you today! Over the last few months our developers have been working hard to create new features and functionalities, which are now available. Read below for a description of the new features and how they have helped our customers be more successful.

First, our new Javascript functionality allows gigs to be highly customizable based on contingent circumstances and real-time information. Pull variable data from the web or from answers your workers have given in order to display more specific, highly pertinent jobs and questions. Is it going to rain on your outdoor event? With the Javascript feature you can hire workers on-demand to move your event indoors. Do you have a multi-day gig for your workers to complete? Only show the questions relevant to that day’s work. The new Javascript feature makes sure you are asking the right questions at the right time.

In addition, the new closed loop feedback feature facilitates direct and immediate reporting of errors, allowing brands to instantly address areas of concern. Rather than waiting weeks in the dark for a merchandiser visit, during which consumers might have interacted with incorrect displays, with Gigwalk you can send out on-demand teams to check on promotional materials. If an issue is reported in the app, the new feedback feature can instantly alert management by sending a full account of the problem, including data submitted or pictures taken. This way, management can immediately send their teams to correct errors before consumers ever see them. The largest Internet-based retailer in the United States is currently using this functionality to manage electronics displays in bookstores and has found the feature to significantly reduce the time it takes to find and correct mistakes, simplifying how promotions are overseen. This functionality lets you know instantly where your issues are so they can quickly be resolved.

We hope you enjoy the new flexibility of these features and are looking forward to seeing how they can best suit your company’s needs.

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