Gigwalk Reaches One Million Gigwalkers & Delivers New Product Enhancements

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Gigwalk is excited to announce a milestone of reaching over one million Gigwalkers, making it the world’s largest on-demand mobile workforce!

Gigwalk’s Cloud Market solution instantly connects businesses to a network of over one million Gigwalkers in North America who can provide immediate, actionable insights that help Gigwalk customers improve their sales and operations. In the past twelve months, Gigwalkers completed Gigs in over 7,500 cities and 13,000 postal codes across the United States and Canada.

Gigwalk is also excited to share the announcement of new enhancements to Gigwalk Enterprise Cloud, a SaaS-based, mobile-first workforce management application that enables organizations to simplify how they manage and execute work for internal and external workforces.

Gigwalk CEO, David Hale, says of the announcement, “Gigwalk has a long and successful history in the on-demand economy with the Gigwalk Cloud Market app for crowdsourcing, as clearly demonstrated by our milestone of one million Gigwalkers. We are excited that we have been able to adapt this same mobile-first technology for our enterprise customers, to help them manage their employees and contingent workers.”

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