Hiring Seasonal Staff for the Holiday? Keep These Things in Mind.

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With the holidays just around the corner and the expectation of high consumer spending, many employers are getting ready for the holiday by increasing their staff count. Amazon alone is adding 120,000 seasonal workers to its staff this holiday season.

Whether you are a large retailer or a staffing firm looking to fill your team, Lauren Griffin, senior vice president at Adecco Staffing USA, encourages everyone hiring seasonal workers this holiday season to keep these things in mind:

More people are buying, more staffing is needed: More employees will be needed in select sectors in order to meet customer demand. Griffin says “increased consumer demand is driving employer demand for seasonal help across the retail industry, manufacturing, warehousing, call centers and other industries.”

Lower unemployment means higher wages: “There is so much demand for seasonal staff that businesses are in tight competition with one another to secure top talent. This is especially true for businesses in regions where the seasonal hiring pool is limited,” Griffin says. “This demand encourages employers to offer higher wages or incentives for seasonal workers to ensure they can handle the increase in activity around the holidays.”

Offer your workers incentives: Griffin says a recent Adecco Staffing USA survey found that gaining additional cash was the main reason people would consider a seasonal job (76 percent). If the employer isn’t able to offer a higher starting wage, Adecco recommends using other incentives such as tuition assistance and flexible hours to recruit the top talent needed to compete.

Whether you are a retailer looking to add to your workforce or a staffing firm supplying temporary workers for the holiday, Gigwalk can help simplify your holiday staffing initiatives by easily connecting the right people with the right work. Use Gigwalk for your workforce management needs and be prepared for the holiday rush this season.

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