So you want to become a Gigwalker?

Whether you’re looking for a little spending money or want to earn an entire extra paycheck, Gigwalk can help. Work when and where you want to – you can even start making money today.


Download the App.

The Gigwalk app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Visit the Apple Store or Google Play to download the app.

Register your Gigwalk account.

Registering your Gigwalk account is as easy as answering a few basic questions and providing an email address.

Link your PayPal account to get paid.

All payments are made through PayPal. Add your PayPal email to your Gigwalk account in the app settings menu.

Find and complete Gigs in your area.

Apply for Gigs through the map or Gig List. After being accepted, follow the Gig instructions and submit your work directly in the app.


Flexible work schedule.

Whether you just need to make a few extra bucks or want something more, with Gigwalk you choose when, and how much, you want to work.

“It’s literally work where you want, when you want. It’s at my fingertips. It’s really easy. If you like discovering cool new places, if you like having some extra cash in your pocket, I’d say Gigwalk is for you.” – Anna R., Los Angeles, CA

Choose the Gigs that interest you.

You can pick Gigs that take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours or based on how much you want to make – from $3 to $100 or more.

Simple reporting.

Everything’s done through the Gigwalk app. No timesheets to fill out. No emails to send. Your mobile phone and the app are all you need.

“It’s an easy way for you to make money. You already carry this high-tech device with you everywhere you go, so you might as well put it to work for you. Go ahead and join. You’ll definitely be glad you did.” – Dan C., Miami, FL

Quick and easy payment.

Gigwalk links to PayPal, so once a job is finished and approved, the money is sent directly to your personal account.


Want to learn more details about becoming a Gigwalker? Check out our FAQ.



Need help with anything Gigwalker related? Head on over to our support pages.