How Gigwalk is Changing the Just-in-Time Staffing Market

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You need a qualified worker, right now. Maybe someone didn’t show and you need a replacement, or maybe it’s just a job that came up suddenly. Either way, the typical time to hire isn’t going to cut it. Does this sound like a familiar struggle? Gigwalk’s mobile technology is simplifying the way you find workers, so you can rest easy. Read more to see the three ways that Gigwalk is changing the name of the game for just-in-time staffing.

1. The flexibility of our mobile technology decreases time to fill.

One advantage of mobile technology is its convenience. Mobile solutions fast-track the job matching process by increasing the speed in which workers become aware of job offerings. Gigwalk’s technology further facilitates job awareness through push notifications and mobile alerts that immediately notify your qualified staffing pool when new opportunities are available. In addition, Gigwalk’s mobile technology lets workers instantly view, accept, and decline jobs from anywhere, filling jobs significantly faster than traditional methods.

2. We help you find the right staff.

With Gigwalk, companies can easily find and access the most qualified individuals, sharing their staffing needs with a specific group of workers based on location or skill set. When you need a worker ASAP, our technology can more quickly connect you to the right audience and enables effortless sorting through potential workers.

3. Gigwalk simplifies your workforce management process.

From the time an employee signs up until his or her final payday, Gigwalk ensures your workforce management process runs smoothly. Using our technology, companies can easily confirm that work is properly completed through verification measures including geolocation and time stamps. Companies can also monitor employee data through our user-friendly dashboard to know if potential issues arise or if additional workers are needed, whether immediately or for future projects. In fact, Gigwalk’s new JavaScript functionality allows companies to plan for staffing concerns ahead of time with customization options based on contingent circumstances and data. For example, if the number of workers you need relies on the amount of RSVPs to an event, Gigwalk can use this data to help you hire the correct number of personnel, even if replies keep rolling in last minute. Cut out the stress of just-in-time hires with Gigwalk’s mobile technology solution.

With Gigwalk, the next time you need a last minute worker, you can get a qualified employee with time to spare, rather than simply “just-in-time.”

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